Mellow Mushroom


Venerated Atlanta dining institution Mellow Mushroom Pizza selected Coconut Grove, Florida-based Markham & Stein for its branding and marketing duties to help support and grow one of the most successful restaurant concepts in America today. Founded in 1974 by three Georgia college students, the brand has subversively spread its counterculture spirit to a family of stores over 195 strong spanning 19 states. The core philosophy of the founders has helped maintain its unique culture as it has organically grown and now the company stands poised for a new level of success.


Sketches for an animated character based on the Mellow Mushroom mascot “Mel.”


We helped design and create Mellow Mushroom’s very first unified website. Until 2008, the individual restaurants built and maintained individual sites, with inconsistent results. Additionally, we helped establish their very first presence on social media and established a digital marketing strategy geo-targeted to local restaurants.


We discovered that one of their strongest marketing channels was the store environment itself. We then worked to establish loyalty programs such as the Beer Club and a system-wide event strategy to build traffic on non-peak evenings.