Big Data has made it possible to predict consumer behavior more efficiently than ever before. But does this mean the end for creative storytellers? Check out what Markham & Stein’s Chief Creative Officer, Markham Cronin, has to say in this piece featured on Campaign US.

The machines are coming for us,
but the good news is they still can’t tell a joke.

Every advertising publication is rife with the ominous rumblings of the havoc to be wreaked on our industry by Big Data. The Krakatoa of analytics has erupted, spewing cheap, quantifiable accountability to the bean-counting drones of the world.

Consumer profiling data means we have never known more about who we are talking to, how they react to our communications, and what they do next than ever before. Suddenly, the Pandora’s Box of ROI has been split open, and it’s raining KPIs. Now there are those clients who are crowing in triumph at finally being able to march down the hall and tell their bosses they can finally push their marketing dollars to the bottom line in the name of efficiency.

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