Meet Stacy, our newest Creative Director here at Markham & Stein.

Full Name:
Stacy Lynn Mann. But when I was a kid I would tell people it was Anastasia, and that I was the lost princess of Russia. To all those I lied to as an 8-year-old, let me come clean now. My name is not Anastasia, and as hard as it may be to believe, no, I am not the lost princess of Russia. The real princess, presumably, remains lost

Where you were born:
I was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida; incidentally, Boca Raton means “Rat’s Mouth” in Spanish and “I’m Schvitzing” in Yiddish.

How long you’ve worked in the industry:
9 years

Brands you’ve worked on:
Samsung, SC Johnson, 7-Eleven, DonQ, Georgia Power, Fuse TV, Orkin, Amstel Light, Axe, Metro PCS, Summers Eve, Burger King, The Gap

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Curious. Adventurous. Brassy.

Favorite food:
Chocolate-covered pretzels.
Basically, bread in all its glorious forms. It is my kryptonite. But rather than making me weaker, instead I just swell.

Favorite hobby:
I love being outside, exploring the world. But I hate being lost. I contain multitudes. A good hike, or swim, or climb—sign me up. But only with a good map. (On a cell phone, of course; what am I, some kind of weirdo?)

Favorite restaurant:
If you have just one favorite restaurant, you and I have very little in common. Cochineal, Carson’s, ABC Kitchen, The Grape, Pecan Lodge, Le Moulin de la Vierge, Willie Mae’s Scotch House… and a very special shout-out to Publix subs. Never change, Publix.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled:
New Zealand…no, Japan…no, Patagonia…do I have to choose just one?

Favorite book:
All books Taschen. The bigger the pictures, the better.

Favorite movie: 
I’m a sucker for a good (and let’s be honest, even not-so-good) rom-com. Sleepless in Seattle? Yes. You’ve Got Mail? More please. Forrest Gump? I can’t get enough of that hopeless Alabamian. If you can promise tears, one-liners, and/or Tom Hanks, I will see your movie.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Drunk isn’t pretty.

Live your life outside your comfort zone.

You are worthy and capable.

You should see this movie about relationships starring Tom Hanks.

What you want to do before you die: 
I want to have an aquaponics farm and live in a self-sufficient, sustainable, off-the-grid tiny home. And I am 100 percent serious. I’d also love to help other people do the same thing. I am obsessed with the tiny home phenomenon and share with these people a burning desire to move away from “things” and closer to “experiences.” Again, I am 100 percent serious. Before I go gentle into that good night, I want to help make these wild dreams more common, and easier-to-do, realities.

Advice for your middle school self:
That growth spurt people keep on telling you you’re going to have… it’ll never happen. Also, when people tell you you remind them of Daria, it is only sometimes a compliment.

Actually in my spare time I run a well-meaning but very illegal rescued-iguana shelter out of my bathtub for which I knit hipster flannel sweaters in tiny iguana sizes and sell them, in bulk, on Etsy. I’m joking. No one does that! No, I don’t have a pet. Not even a dog… yet.

Spirit Animal:
TBD (could be a flannel-wearing iguana rescue)