We are proud to announce that Markham & Stein is doing good for Miami’s very own do-gooders, Breakthrough Miami. To help bring awareness to the incredible efforts they make to better our community, our team has created a portfolio of pieces for the education-focused organization.

Breakthrough Miami is an organization that provides motivated, under-resourced students in grades 5-12 access to academic resources they might not otherwise have. Through 8 years of tuition-free enrichment opportunities, involving a 6-week summer program and Saturdays during the school year, the organization works to ensure these students graduate high school on time and attend college.

Through their endeavors, Breakthrough Miami aims to help these students break through whatever lies between them and their ultimate potential by providing them with the tools, environment, mentors, motivation, and opportunity to maximize their impact on the community. Last year, 100% of Breakthrough Miami Scholars graduated high school on time and enrolled in college.

We truly believe in the organization and the work they do to better the community we love so much. Because ultimately, the success of these students leads to success for us all. To learn more about the organization, visit their website www.breakthroughmiami.org.